Community At Gateway

  • small groups

    The 'Small Group' is where community begins, where we put faces and hearts to fellowship and care.  It is where we grow together in discovering God's Word, our gifting, and where we live out what God is calling each of us to.

    If you are interested in becoming part of a Small Group contact the church office and we will get you connected!

    Small Groups 2019

  • We love our neighbourhood! and are so excited to start up a Neighbourhood Market right here at Gateway!  

    Partnering with  major grocers in our region and Living Edge Ministries, we will be providing FREE fresh produce and groceries to people in our community every week!  You will be able to walk through and pick up your groceries including fresh produce, staple food items and occasionally treats depending on what our sponsors have provided.  No strings attached!     Just come and check it out!


    Every week we send out a Neighbourhood Market email.  It includes a list of some of the food offered that evening, a recipe using ingredients from the Market and other fun tidbits! If you want to you can join our mailing list and we'll let you know what is waiting for you at the Neighbourhood Market!  


    One of the ways in which we demonstrate Jesus' love is by taking care of one another. Meal Train is a website that helps us coordinate meals for members of our community during short-term times of need (ex. new babies, injuries). Each time there is someone in need of meals, you will receive an email with a link to their specific Meal Train website. There, you can see the dates available and decide whether or not you are able to help out. 

    To join the contact list and get on the Meal Train, please email the hospitality team!