Prayer and Fasting 2018

Gateway fasts every January. Why? Because Jesus says, "When you fast..." (Mt. 6:16) Jesus thinks that fasting is a 'normal' part of a believers' life. 

Why do Jesus' followers fast? Because we want to hear, see and experience more of God. We humble ourselves and fast and pray in the New Year for 21 Days, culminating in a mass worship and prayer night in the evening on Sunday Feb. 4th.

In previous years we have seen the impossible become possible, the theory become reality, and the presence of God increase in us as individuals and as a community. This is your chance to dive in deeper with God and His plan for our Church and City.

Fasting is not just about food; its about taking something out to make room for God to come in. Its about being less distracted, and more focused. Its about tangibly demonstrating that "God, I depend totally on you."

The annual fast is not just for leaders, Pastors or keeners. It is for everyone that calls Jesus Lord and Gateway home. We believe that God wants to speak to everyone! 

The fast begins Jan. 14th and ends Feb. 4th. During the three weeks there will be an opportunity to share what you've heard from God with the leadership and the congregation. We covet this input as it assists the discerning process as to what God is saying. Meaning...Our time of fasting is incomplete without your voice. Join us!

Here are some resources to help you prepare for the fast:

1) Personal Guide to Fasting

2) Gateway's "Fasting 101"

3) Fasting for Beginners Article

Prayer and Fasting Response Form.