2020 Prayer & Fasting

Matthew 9:15

And Jesus said to them, “Can the wedding guests mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them? The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast. (ESV)

We invite you to join with your church in Prayer and Fasting for all or a portion of 21 Days: Jan 12 - Feb 2

WE are Fasting and Praying for Personal and Corporate RENEWAL!

WE are “waiting on the Lord:”

Entwining our all aspects of our lives with the Lord

Gathering together the scattered pieces of who we are and what we do into one life that depends on Him

Abandoning any purely human effort that simply wears us out

Isaiah 40:28-31 Promises that if WE do, WE will see:

Strength renewed

Power imbued

Weariness gone

Spirits Refreshed

An Increase of Vitality in our lives

The Tasks Accomplished and the Needs Met with Supernatural Help

- youth, adult, and kids family devotionals are available at Gateway, on the information table in the Hallway

- the Sanctuary will be open with worship music playing for time with the Lord, during the fasting period,  mon. - thurs. 9:30am -2:30pm

- this is a time for everyone at Gateway to join in unity - all ages and stages

- there are many things that you can fast - different types of food or beverages, social media, complaining, sweets, television, etc.

Fasting 101

Fasting isn’t about “getting” God to do something: its about intentionally taking something OUT of your life in expectation that God will pour something IN. Its removing something physical from your life in order to tell your body that we live by the Spirit! There are different types of fasts: The one you choose is between you and God. He will honour your best sacrifice. Here are SOME examples (see Aaron if you’d like some more ideas, recipes, and more!)

Full Fast

Drink only liquids (you establish the number of days) - please consult your doctor before fasting this way.

The Daniel Fast

Eat no meat, no sweets and no bread. Drink water and juice. Eat fruits and vegetables.

3-Day Fast

This fast can be a Full Fast, Daniel Fast or give up at least one item of food.

Partial Fast

A partial fast is from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm or from sun up to sundown. You can select from three types of fasting —a

Full Fast, Daniel Fast or give up at least one item of food.

Non-Food Fasts

Give up television, movies, video games, or something else! Replace the time usually spent on those activities in prayer, worship, and Scripture.

Scripture References for Fasting:

Matthew 6:16-18, Matthew 9:14-15, Luke 18:9-14

Relation to Prayer and Reading of the Word:

1 Samuel 1:6-8, 17-18, Nehemiah 1:4, Daniel 9:3, 20, Joel 2:12, Luke 2:37, Acts 10:30, Acts 13:2

Corporate Fasting:

1 Samuel 7:5-6, Ezra 8:21-23, Nehemiah 9:1-3, Joel 2:15-16, Jonah 3:5-10,  Acts 27:33-37, 2 Chronicles 20

Remember that it is the attitude of a heart sincerely seeking Him to which God responds with a blessing (Isaiah 40, Isaiah 58, Jeremiah 14:12, 1 Corinthians 8:8). Be sure that whatever you give up for your time of fasting is intentionally replaced by time to hear from God: through his written Word, prayer time, worship time...you name it.