what we believe about senior's ministry

  • We believe in providing events that may be interesting to our seniors and that happen during the daytime hours so they will find it easier to attend.  We seek to provide seniors with opportunities to grow in community. (Hebrews 10:24-25)
  • We believe in supporting the seniors amongst us with love, care and practical help.  We visit and pray with those who cannot get out to church or who are in hospital.  (Psalm 71:8-9) 
  • We believe seniors are an essential part of the body of Christ, loved by God and needed by his people.  We create opportunities for seniors to serve and encourage people of all ages.  (Deuteronomy 32:7)

Though we do not claim to be able to fulfill every need of our seniors, we hope to give encouragement and direct them to agencies in our city that can help.  If you or someone you know has a need, or if you wish to volunteer, please contact us using the forms below or by phoning the Gateway Office at (250)-658-5121.

What we do

The Senior’s Ministry is evolving to support the needs of the community we serve.  Currently, the ministry has three focus areas:


        Community building events

        Home and hospital visitation

        Caring support for day-to-day activities

how to get involved in senior's ministry

The Senior’s Ministry is first, and foremost, a community.  In order to build community, we need to know who you are so please be in touch.  

Join our mailing list here:

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Submit a request for visitation or caring support here:

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Become part of our Caring Support Team here:

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You can reach us anytime via email. And, if you prefer to contact us by phone, please call the Gateway Office at (250)-658-5121.