Groups Ongoing in 2019

Bible Study

Leader(s): Dave & Roseanne Sovka

Location: Broadmead

When: Tuesday or Wednesday Nights

Women’s Bible Study

Leader(s): Tammy Ishikawa & Laura Corcoran

Location: Gordon Head

When: 2nd & 4th Monday of the month @ 730pm

Bible Study


Leader(s): Steve & Tamara Gooney

Location: West Stanch Road

When: Mondays @7pm

Bible Study


Leader(s): The Cooks & The Duecks

Location: Various

When: Mondays @7pm

Men’s Bible Study

Leader(s): Chris Kuyp

Location: Glanford

When: Tuesdays @7pm

Young Adults Bible Study(18-30)

Leader(s): Wes & Leslie Morrison

Location: 4291 Oakfield Crescent

When: Mondays @7pm

Joyful Sister’s Women’s Bible Study(Child-Care Available)

Leader(s): Karen & Liz Upton

Location: Gateway Fireside Room

When: Thursdays 9:30 am

Bible Study

Leader(s): Kim and David Protheroe

Location: Glanford

When: Tuesdays @ 7:30 pm

Bible Study

Leader(s): Joy Farrell

Location: Saanichton

When: Tuesdays @ 7pm

Sermon Study

Leader(s):  John & Shawne Muller

When:  Thursday Evenings

Study on 1 John

Leader(s):  Todd & Sandra Rayson

Location:  Glanford

When:  Tuesdays @7pm

If you’re interested in hosting, leading or joining any of our existing small groups, please get in touch with Wes Morrison or the church office (250) 658-5121.