Serve in Weyburn, Sask.

JULY 7-13

Price may vary depending on fundraising efforts and plane ticket prices.  Cost will include transportation and a week of camp.   This is for youth Grades 6-12.

SERVE is like the best part of camp combined with a short term missions trip!   Join us as we head to Weyburn, Saskatchewan to serve this town of 10, 000  people and meet youth from across Western Canada. 

Please let Breann know if you are interest by March 20th, otherwise we may not run the trip.

Breakaway camp @ Capernwray, thetis island

JULY 26-28

This camp is open to Middle Schoolers, but High Schoolers may join as 'mentors'.  Cost is $125 per person and includes transportation, ferries etc. from GBC as well as camp stay.  Registration forms here! Please submit form to Breann at Gateway.

Youth Retreat @ Camp Qwanoes    Nov 8-10

NOV 8-10

Cost is $109 per person.  Transportation to camp not included.  

Register online here! Remember to ask to be placed with Gateway Church Youth when you register.  Once registered, let Breann know so we can look for you at camp!