What we believe about worship

  • We believe that God is worthy of our worship and praise.  If God, in our estimation, is as great and good as we say He is, then we are called to praise Him and worship Him as though He is that great and that good. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s people have always worshipped Him and today, we join with that same praise and proclamation. 
  • We believe that there are many expressions of worship.  Music, art, architecture, poetry, etc. to name a few.  Within music, the way that we worship is different to each particular person, but we encourage freedom in our music at Gateway. We believe that the Holy Spirit guides our corporate worship.  Some people dance, some shout, some raise their hands; ultimately the purpose  is to give God glory and to express our collective estimation of His greatness.  
  • We incorporate all of these expressions in our worship at Gateway.  Whether the songs are old or new, if they communicate the message of Christ and praise God, we sing them.  We don’t draw a distinction between traditional or contemporary worship service styles.  We are all going the same direction together:  towards God.

How to get involved in worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry at Gateway is first and foremost a community of worshippers.  If joining this Ministry is part of making Gateway ‘home’ for you, we’d love to

welcome you into the Worship Community.

Here are some areas you could serve in:

  • Worship Team
  • Audio/Visual Team
  • Greeting Team 

what we do

  • Sunday Morning Services::  Every Sunday we host worship services at 9 and 11am for the main  gathering of Gateway’s community.
  • Worship Room: :  This is an additional expression of praise every month.  On the first Sunday of each month @ 7 pm we come together in the sanctuary for worship and prayer.  We focus on the guidance of the Holy Spirit during these times to lead us in worship and in how to pray for one another.  
  • Worship Nights:  We host special evenings  for specific events or seasons that Gateway is going through.  These are times when we pray into what God is specifically doing through Gateway’s Community. 
  • Everyone is welcome at any of our worship services. God is always saying and doing something so don’t miss out!